The Voice of Leadership

Six Keys to Presence, Influence, and Creative Confidence

Learning how to empower your authentic voice of leadership impacts your self-image and your potential power to affect others positively and influence change. Whatever your situation, if you actively practice and consistently apply the ideas in this book, you will dramatically enhance your executive presence. Wherever you need to express yourself more powerfully and intentionally, a strong voice of leadership will support you. It is your vehicle for positive impact and influence.

The Voice of Leadership by Sally Mabelle

With sustained focus on the principles in this book, you

  • elevate your personal brand increase your ability to own the room and to act with intent and purpose
  • build your resilience and composure in challenging situations
  • improve your ability to engage others with an authentic ‘voice of authority’
  • build trust in your own ideas, creativity, and self-expression
  • be better able to engage and inspire others to align with your vision or projects
  • be better able to collaborate and resolve any interpersonal conflicts.

The Voice of Leadership Book $27 US ($37 NZ*) 

Soft cover A5, glossy laminate, 204 pages including preface and introduction

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The Voice of Leadership Book