Perhaps you’ve been a competent performer in your technical area of expertise but are now feeling that you’re needing that extra presence or ‘x factor’ to be able to speak up and voice yourself effectively?

As commonly happens, perhaps you’ve been passed over for a promotion or someone who you consider ‘less skilled’ may have got the job you wanted.  Or, perhaps you’ve been asked to apply for a position or to present at a conference or an important meeting and you feel a bit like an impostor.  You may find yourself thinking,  ‘What? Me?  I’m not ready for such a prominent role.’

Alternatively, you may be facing challenging communication situations where others may be dominating the ‘air time’ and you need to be more assertive in voicing your vision, values, or opinions.  Or, you may want to develop more skill at navigating tricky situations where you feel you are not being fully acknowledged or considered.

Whatever the reason, you’ve now become aware of the need to grow your ‘voice of leadership’. 

Don’t struggle in silence - It’s time to call in some expert help...



Do you want to build Your Executive Voice, Presence, and Influence? Would you like to be a more engaging speaker?

What is the core challenge you face in voicing yourself?  The issue is always a sense of separation. This separation may show up as  the experience of self-doubt, anxiety, scattered thinking, physical stress symptoms, apathy, reactiveness, disease, or self-sabotage.  

Contact Sally to develop you and your team in the following areas: 

  • Developing your Leadership 'X Factor' 
  • Increasing your resilience and 'grace under fire'
  • Enhancing your Charisma and Energy
  • Acting with gravitas, purpose, and passion. 
  • Preparing and Delivering Powerful Presentations
  • Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety
  • Connecting with your 'Inner Voice' 
  • Learning the art of playful 'banter'
  • Developing Your Voice of Authority
  • Influencing and inspiring through storytelling


Would you like to  communicate more clearly and sensitively in difficult situations?  Would you like to boost your capacities for assertiveness and empathy?

Communication breakdown is often experienced as a lack of trust among teammates which results in over-protectiveness and resistance to change. This lack of trust leads to a lack of engagement.  These issues impact greatly on productivity and satisfaction. 

Contact Sally to develop you and your team in the following areas: 

  • Building Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Being Present with Others
  • Team-Building 
  • Interpersonal Excellence
  • Empathy and Assertiveness Skills
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
  • Sustainable Relationships 
  • Identifying Behaviour Types/ Personality Styles
  • Cultivating Courage and Self-Compassion


Would you like to develop your creativity and flexible thinking to collaborate and innovate more effectively?  Would you like to be bolder in trying out new ideas?

Is it time for you to start voicing yourself in  more creative,  and more authentic way?   You can facilitate accelerated innovation in your organisation by learning the skills of 'collaboritude', the necessary attitude for collaboration and improvisation.  

Contact Sally to develop you and or your team in the following areas: 

  • Developing Creative Confidence
  • Overcoming fear of looking foolish
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • Boosting Creativity Mindset: The Power of Play
  • Developing your Adventurous Genius
  • Opening to 'Collaboritude' and team play
  • Accessing Your Creative Courage 
  • Accessing your intuition
  • Creating emotional safety for risk-taking
  • Freeing yourself from the bonds of judgement
  • Practising non-attachment and mindfulness