Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Sally's interactive presentations inspire collaboration and innovation through empowering people to express their authentic ‘Voice of Leadership’.

Contact Sally to enquire about an interactive keynote, group coaching session or workshop for your team or conference audience on the following topics:

Expressing Your Voice of Leadership:

Boost Your Executive Presence and Influence 

  • Practical techniques and awareness to present yourself with confidence and authority.

  • Learn how to project assertiveness in your voice

  • Build credibility with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients and to inspire others to action

  • Increased self-awareness of emotional triggers and how to self-manage

  • Gain invaluable insights into how you see yourself so you can upgrade your self-image and begin to manage the perceptions others have of you.

  • Empower your ability to express your authentically and to resolve any interpersonal tensions

 Interpersonal Excellence:

 Handling Challenging Conversations

  • Enhanced skill in changing conversations from competitive and cautious to more open and information-sharing.

  • broader perspective in how to connect with people with different temperaments and perspectives.

  • More flexibility in adapting communication style as needed

  • Increased self-awareness of emotional triggers and how to self-manage

  • Boosted ability to ‘care-front’ interpersonal situations which arise

  • Upgraded skillset in communicating authentically and resolving any interpersonal tensions

Collaboritude: The Power of Play Versus Power Plays

  • Current research on the importance of play for innovation and creativity

  • The foundational skills of 'collaboritude': the attitude necessary for collaboration

  • Collaborative games to increase free-flowing ideas, teamwork and enjoyment

  • Increased self-awareness of emotional triggers and how to self-manage

  • The five steps to successful collaborative communication

  • the physiology of empathy and assertiveness in teamwork

An introduction to the book "The Voice of Leadership: Six keys to Presence, Influence and Creative Confidence. For aspiring leaders, career changers, job seekers, entrepreneurs, trainers, facilitators, coaches, and more . . . To get your copy, go to