What clients say about the Voice of Leadership... 

Sally is a highly engaging and motivational facilitator. Participants who attend her course (at the University of Auckland) often comment on her inspiring, interactive and practical approach. They always feel a huge increase in self-confidence on completion of the course.
— Anne Cave, Former Programme Director, Professional Development Series, CCE, University of Auckland
I thought I should let you know how my presentation went on the Gold Coast. I did your course in August and learnt a lot of valuable tips, especially regarding the powerful opening and closing slides. I was able to use breathing and visualisation to help relax me. I presented to 200-300 delegates at the at a 3 day conference. In fact I did so well that the delegates voted me the best presenter award and I won $2000! I am thrilled so thanks so much for your help.
— Nicky Williams, Team Leader, Waikato District Health Board
Fun, high energy, educational and truly inspiring! Warming up an audience on a cold Monday morning is no easy feat but Sally had them laughing and listening with enthusiasm in no time and kept their undivided attention for the whole hour. Sally is not only a professional speaker and educator but is a fantastic entertainer as well. Sally adapted her seminar to meet the needs of the members of our Association and her message, approach and delivery was spot on. I would highly recommend Sally as a professional speaker and hope we get the opportunity to have her speak to our members again in the future.
— Kellie Tremayne, NZ Regional Manager, Australasian Promotional Products Association
Our full leadership team recently undertook professional development with Sally Mabelle as facilitator. Sally is dynamic, confident and flexible, and she is passionate about her work and not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to meet the needs of the group. Her sessions identified exactly what facilitation is and the key skills required to be an effective facilitator. Sally provided lots of tools and information and created plenty of opportunities for practicing the practical techniques of facilitation. Sally encouraged self-reflection and discussions on how knowledge of self-awareness impacts on being a facilitator. Sally’s sessions have provided the framework for us to develop a training package and guidelines for facilitators for the future. We would have no hesitation in recommending Sally’s sessions to any group seeking professional development.
— Louise Doyle, Principal, Oaklynn School
Sally burst into the room with an infectious enthusiasm and energy that was palpable. Sally’s approach is very different, but wow does it work, you connect with her, her methodologies, techniques and delivery are simply breathtaking. She gets ‘buy-in’ from her audience immediately - her leadership message is easily understood and so useful in the real world - can’t wait to engage with her again!
— Paul Thompson, Managing Director, Working Relationships
I was mesmerized and entertained with Sally’s speech on being your own authority. She grabbed my attention in the beginning and held it right through to the end with what was both a well crafted speech and great performance. Her stage presence, unique use of body language, storytelling, humour, singing and acting captivated her audience as well as reminded us of a valuable life lesson we could all relate to. I felt I was watching a one person theatre performance rather than a speech. I would recommend Sally as a speaker in any situation where authenticity, entertainment and value based lessons needed to be delivered.
— Lorraine Blackley, Founding Director, Creative Adventures
Sally is an outstanding professional who entertains, educates, informs and transforms. She is an enthusiastic speaker who is passionate about the advancement of human performance. Sally has a vast range of knowledge and experience and her commitment to adding value to individuals and organisations through her workshops and CDs is undeniable. She has a very personable style which enables her to get to the heart of matters.
— Monique Pearson, Executive Director, NZ Bar Association
Over the past several months, my coaching sessions with Sally were packed with tools, techniques and strategies to bring out my best. Specifically, she assisted me with developing my voice, leadership, and coaching skills . Sally was an awesome coach with a wonderfully encouraging and genuinely delightful manner. She took the time to really listen to my needs and adapted each of our sessions to suit. I left each session highly motivated and charged, ready to take on any challenge that comes my way! Catherine Newton, yoursoulintentions.com
— Catherine Newton, Business Coach
I participated in the Voice of Leadership workshop which I really enjoyed. I found Sally to be extremely engaging. I came away with effective ways to be more confident and more prepared when undertaking my own presentations. Sally is very knowledgable and breaks the information down for you and did it in a fun, interactive way. We were given presenting exercises in the morning which were then repeated in the afternoon - the improvement in everyones presentations once we were given the tools through the workshop was remarkable!! I am looking forward to taking part in another one of Sally’s workshops in the future. Well worth it!
— Katrina Tolomaki, Client Services Manager, Frog Recruitment
Thank you so much for a truly stellar performance on Tuesday evening. You gave a very moving but also very helpful presentation. As I mentioned in my thank-you at the end of the evening, this was the first time we had a presenter sing and dance and also the first time a presenter had shared so many personal experiences. Thank you for your inspiring presentation!
— Simon Fawkes, Auckland ICT Group
I have not come across such a wonderful presenter in a long time. I left feeling totally inspired.
— Robyn Viljoen, Director, Grow-Me
Sally, I’ve watched many great presidents in many organisations over the years and you’re absolutely at the top of my hit parade. You touch everyone with your smile and lovely energy. You’ve always got a fabulous positive spin on everything, you’re inclusive and encouraging. I knew what had gone on in the background of all that decision-making and none of the angst we’ve all gone through in the last month or so showed. You made it all look so easy! A president makes or breaks an organisation - now your job is to clone yourself! Yours still clapping, Robyn
— Robyn Pearce, CSP, Managing Director,Gettingagrip.com, Past President, Global Speakers Federation
This workshop provided the students with effective speech making tips and skills. They learned the theory cemented by practical interactive activities throughout on voice projection, body language, posture and presence.
— Zoe Martin, Past Future Leaders Programme Coordinator, YWCA Auckland
I have had the good fortune of choosing to participate in two of Sally’s workshops. The first, entitled ‘The Life Design Workshop’ facilitated a tremendous shift within me. I became aware of self-defeating patterns that inhibited my ability to realize my goals. With Sally’s guidance and enthusiastic support, I became aware of how naturally and gently I could take the steps I needed to empower my life. Sally is a tremendous teacher. She inspires each student to fully participate, to have fun with the process, to reach for their dreams!
— Katie, Sea, Entrepreneur, Boulder, Colorado
Your presentation “The Voice of Leadership” , was brilliant, so professional, informative, gutsy and entertaining. The feedback from members has been very positive with something for everyone in your address to learn from and to take away.
— Dawn Mills, President, SWAP
After attending this life- enriching workshop, I feel more confident and more prepared to communicate what I really mean.
— Bogdan Secara, Former Technical Accounts Manager, Nielsen On-line, Auckland, NZ
The course surpassed my expectations. Sally is a superb facilitator creating a wonderfully supportive environment that challenges everyone to be fully authentic. The difference in my fellow course attendees was staggering, when somebody presents authentically their presence is so much stronger, the audience is engaged and the humour that naturally flows keeps everyone amused. The sign of a great course for me is that when you leave you immediately spend the drive home thinking about how you can bring your newly acquired skills into your life, I spent the weekend thinking about all the areas where I could use the skills.
— Emma Bale, Quality and Risk Manager, Middlemore Hospital
Sally helped me to realize that I could get beyond my fear and survive! What freedom. Sally has a way of seeing your potential and an uncanny method of drawing it out.
— Maria S. Graham-Marcum, Maui, HI, Artist/Entrepreneur, Maui, Hawaii
Sally adds the essence and quality of the soul, which took my experience beyond skill into expressing from my heart.
— Luma Lor, Author and Intuitive Coach, USA
I recently attended Sally Mabelle’s presentation on ‘The Art of Speaking Powerfully’ as part of the New Zealand Institute of Management lunch time presentation series. I found Sally to be an engaging, dynamic and empowering speaker. Sally clearly stood before the audience as an authentic model of ‘the voice of leadership’ using her 7 step model and personal stories to inspire, educate and lift the audience. Her presentation was practical and relevant.
— Jasbindar Singh, Coaching Psychologist | Executive Coach | Author | Speaker SQ Executive Management Consultancy Ltd
I speak with clients daily. I conduct small group trainings and even large seminars. Sally’s guidance has helped me immensely. She was able to show clearly how my volume and velocity affected those around me. I am now more confident as a business professional and recognize a tremendous shift in how people perceive me.
— Brett Laurence, Sales/Personnel Consultant, Auckland
Working with Sally was an enjoyable and hugely valuable experience. I walked away with the tools and techniques that I had been seeking and much much more. Sally ensured that the coaching I received was relevant to my current working circumstances and ensured that I very quickly applied what I was learning to live situations. So not only did I learn a lot of theory that will hold me to good stead in the future but I tackled current issues and got real time results. I also feel that I had a revelation about my professional purpose and insight into my personal strengths that had more value that I had realised. The time with Sally was well spent and I have really appreciated her skill and approach to our sessions.
— Michelle Thompson, Collaborative Leader, New Zealand Trade and Entreprise
The enthusiasm and energy that Sally brings to the room is infectious. She inspires confidence and she instills practical learning. Sally defines new approaches and encourages the building of existing approaches to improve communication which will enable me to listen and respond with greater empathy going forward.
— Werna Botha, IT Applications Manager, Lumley General Insurance
This course gave me a chance to take time and reflect on my presentation skills and I learned how to think about delivering an impactful presentation which persuades people. Sally gives good advice and practical tools for delivering the best presentations - good warm-up techniques, great structure tips, and a reminder that starting with impact is vital to hook my audience!
— Rebecca Emery, Deputy Director, Amnesty International Aotearoa
Sally gave us specific tips that would be useful for our work in human rights. I now have a more holistic view of my presenting, as this course covered all the bases - from content to presentation to ensure that your body, mind, heart, and soul are ready to present.
— Amanda Brydon, Advocacy & Government Relationships Manager, Amnesty International Aotearoa
I was struck by her very down to earth and authentic presentation and enjoyed her theatrical and participative nature. I had a conference coming up where I wanted my national team to step outside themselves and challenge their relationships with clients, staff and internal stakeholders, we were to be joined by the senior leadership team from australia, and I was determined I would put on a challenging and thought- provoking agenda. Sally’s presentation and her involvement in our earlier conference activities are still talked about a year later - fondly. I am delighted with the outcome, and have noticed a change in behaviour and attitude of many of the team. Sally brings enthusiasm, energy, and passion at a level that will wake up the most disinterested delegate - no one cannot be engaged and fired up by Sally!
— Catherine Mitchell, National Operations Manager, Alliance Catering
I learned how to take a ‘big picture’ approach to my presentations, being more aware of my body language and voice as well as content and the audience I’m addressing. I learned about the power of pausing, storytelling, and physical preparation (which is critical).
— Margaret Taylor, Activism Support Manager, Amnesty International Aotearoa
Sally is a vibrant and captive speaker who manages to pinpoint the very nitty gritty of issues in order for you to move forward and improve your ability (in this case within networking introductions/business presentations). She is creative and engaging and allows you to see for yourself that you can easily overcome any personal reservations to ensure you are successful
— Sarah English, Branch Manager, Adecco
Sally helped me to experience what it is like to have a free voice that is resonant and relaxed. [The course] taught me about the need to balance relaxation while singing with structure for clarity of voice and that singing is about expressing emotion from the heart. Its a great course for learning techniques to help you to sing solo and in general. Sally is a great teacher that can demonstrate and explain what relaxed singing is all about and this is a very good course thats well worth attending time and time again
— Gerald Chung, Engineering Department, Fisher & Paykel
I attended a breakfast where Sally was the speaker with a focus on “creating the best elevator pitch”. Sally was amazing, she engaged the entire group of attendees, got us all up and into action, showed us ways to use our voices, hold our head up high, think outside the square, being more confident and positive both in thinking and demeanor, and was extremely entertaining in doing so. I am seriously considering attending further training courses and her retreat as well. If you have the opportunity to hear and see Sally in action, do not hesitate, go for it. You will love it.
— Virginia Stallard, Owner, Vision Accounting Solutions Ltd
Sally was informative entertaining and funny. The feedback I have received from our customers has been outstanding. Extremely happy to recommend Sally to anyone wanting their organisation to reflect on leadership within a creative environment, which Sally provides.
— Simon Devoy, BNZ Store Manager
Sally presented ‘the Voice of Leadership’ to the Hamilton Branch of NZATD. Sally has an amazing presentation style and her confidence, passion, and experience come through in a dynamic and exciting way. She has incredible skills to tell her story and keep everyone engaged and excited. Her ‘voice of leadership’ presentation is an entertaining and engaging one.
— Mirjam Sole, NZATD
Sally recently worked with us to facilitate a strategic leadership session at a major conference for one of our larger clients. Despite the logistical challenge of facilitating to 100+ people at a time, the conference was a huge success. This was due to Sally’s ability to engage the team, her high level of energy and humour and intuitive understanding of the situation. As well as her capability to deliver, Sally brings a high level of professionalism and ability which makes it a pleasure working with her!
— Martin Percival, Managing Director, Achieve Global
Sally recently facilitated a Blackcat Networking group meeting for us and the feedback has been fantastic. Everyone went away with far more confidence to express their own “Voice of Leadership” and with practical advice on public speaking. Her effervescent & enthusiastic style was both supportive and refreshingly practical. In a world where people are increasingly being reduced to ‘human resources’, it is exciting to meet a natural presenter with the passion and charisma that can remind us how unique and special we all are!! Sally is very special, take my word for it!
— Andrew Harris, Director, Black Cat Consulting
Sally, thanks for speaking at our Brisbane Breakfast last week. Your courage and determination has inspired everyone to get their minds right, and rise above all their personal challenges. Your humorous yet powerful delivery of your story kept our attention throughout, and it’s not often I talk about speakers, to friends after the event. You rock. Thanks Sally.
— Bruce Cook, Business Owner, Kickbike, Australia
Sally’s presentation was innovative, creative, engaging, involving, entertaining and instilled a very powerful message in the participants. I would highly recommend Sally as a speaker with a difference who packs a powerful punch.
— Rhonda Buttery,President, QFA, Queensland, Australia
Sally has a knack of connecting with people. With her warmth and infectious energy she puts people at ease and encourages them to push their boundaries. Under her guidance and tuition, people not only overcome their fears and tackle what they never dreamed they could, but actually have fun doing it. While the practical skills Sally has taught me were invaluable, it was the positive power of her personality that inspired me to push my boundaries, gain confidence and courage, and develop professionally and personally.I highly recommend Sally’s’ presentation skills workshop. I’m still amazed how she managed to put us all at ease and how everyone improved by the end of the day. The practical tools we learned were extremely useful, but Sally’s infectious energy and sense of fun will also stay with me. If you need more confidence or more sparkle and energy for presenting, go do her workshop!
— Astrid Hartwig, Client Relationship Manager, Tactics Ltd
My main concern before I came was what makes a speaker stand out, what makes the audience listen, how does the speaker gain credibility? I wanted to know how to structure a speech and give it some pizazz. I learned just that. Sally helped me in this regard by firstly giving me a framework to base a presentation on but just as importantly showed me how to “amplify” my presentation and my personality. Sally was also energetic, confident, fun, and knowledgeable course leader.
— Daryl Spense, Salesperson, Ray White Realty
Her enthusiasm and zest rallied our meeting, providing entertainment and energy at what otherwise could have been a less interesting evening. This was both a campaign and business networking meeting. Sally’s entertaining and informative presentation broke the ice early on, enabling the people to communicate with others about their business in an effective way.
— Steve Gillett, Chairman, Kingsland Business Society
Sally connects with you as soon as she enters the room, she lives what she teaches and is totally authentic in her work. I have seen Sally create an environment of care, with clarity and fun, so that people will participate and ‘give it a go’ - the results are memorable. Sally in every way encouraged me to push my boundaries in speaking. This was both gentle and clear with infectious enthusiasm to believe in myself.
— Simon O’Shaughnessy, CEO, Carista Business Solutions
A comprehensive background in presentation of voice and self, involving tools, tips, and tests to improve myself and my presentation technique. I was given a much greater appreciation of the importance of voice, clarity, and presence provide to effectiveness.
— Callum Floyd, PhD., Partner, Franchize Consultants, Auckland
I learned that I can powerfully connect with an audience non-verbally and that I can make a great difference in the world through my voice. If learned that if I believe in myself and have passions I want to share, I can be a powerful speaker. This workshop combines so many of the necessary elements of becoming a good speaker. It was fun and helped me overcome my fears of speaking in ways I didn’t expect.
— Eric Atwood, marketing and communications advisor for North Shore City Council
I am extremely grateful to have been connected with Sally when searching out a coach to help me build my personal presence. Over seven months I learned so much more than expected - as we traversed the skill sets of Voice, Presence, Vision, Values, Veneration and how these could be applied to current issues at work and home. Sally’s skills in acting, singing, coaching, spiritual psychology, education, result in a unique combination which I found fascinating, uplifting and empowering. The world needs more people with the skills Sally brings - I wish her all the best as a cultural change agent.
— Adrienne Darling, Head of Economic Regulation and Pricing, Auckland International Airport Ltd.
The ‘Powerful Presentations for Leaders’ course gave me a great understanding of how to structure and present a speech/seminar, and I came away with a lot more confidence in presenting in front of groups of people. This course teaches you how to tackle a presentation, how to add real life stories most effectively, and how to use vocal variety to enhance your delivery. Sally was very entertaining and knowledgeable on her subject.
— Garth Beker, Partner, Beker, Findlay, Allan
I have had the pleasure of attending one of Sally’s presentations along with engaging her to work with our Business Development Team. I’d like to express how Sally demonstrated through her natural and inspirational way that you can make a difference if you learn some simple techniques. In my current role as Business Development Director, I need to make presentations to small and large groups and always found myself very nervous, couldn’t remember a thing, didn’t have structured presentations, and the list goes on. It was time for me to do something! I met Sally and worked with her in developing skills to overcome this. Sally talked me through how she had experienced a number of challenges within her life and had developed techniques to overcome these. It was delivered in such a way that I could relate to this and not feel it was only me who experienced this. Early this year, I gave a presentation at our company Annual Conference where there were 100 attendees, including Senior Executives from around the globe. I would normally feel unprepared and a bundle of nerves. I have to say I felt so prepared and confident that I was not nervous or lost for words. I even had the audience laughing and engaged the entire time. The feedback I received from the team built my confidence even further. This said, my inspiration comes from the stories Sally has shared and making it fun and engaging. I truly believe Sally is an inspirational speaker and would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their speaking skills.
— Raewyn Guilford, Business Development Director, OCS Ltd
I can see why you were the winner of the “Inspirational Speaker of the Year, 2011”. I have already enjoyed your DVD once and love the exercises you share. It certainly gives one the opportunity to be fully self expressed, to learn and have fun. Thank you it is definitely something my teenage daughters and I will enjoy for sometime. It was my absolute pleasure to meet you and may our paths cross again soon.
— Penny Thompson, Hawkes Bay District Health Board
Sally is an absolute STAR and should be on Broadway. One of the best speakers I have encountered, she sings dances and drives home key messages into her delivery. She had us captivated, made us laugh and cry. Sally is an inspirational speaker and you will not regret hiring her for you next event.
— Paul O'Donahue,Managing Director, SalesStar.com
Working with Sally was extremely rewarding. She is fun, energetic and so passionate and expressive. Sally set up a safe environment and allowed me to explore and experiment with my expression. I left each session with my muscles stretched and a little more confidence in my ability. I was shown new processes and structures which allowed me to craft keynote speeches along with powerful exercises that helped widen my expression. I was not even aware that my voice could make some of the sounds that it did. Before I started I was really unsure of how Sally could help, I was uncomfortable with how I sounded and knew that my voice was a bit dull. My speeches lacked that engagement I was trying to achieve. I thought voice coaching was for singers and actors only. By the end of the sessions, I was more aware of what I could do and achieve, more confident and comfortable in trying new things and had a real appreciation of the power of my voice and what it could do with the support of a great coach. The three biggest benefits I gained from working with Sally were the ability to be expressive and dynamic in front of an audience, the confidence to try new things and the knowledge of how to structure and craft a keynote or workshop. Sally the most rewarding part which was a true bonus, is I now really enjoy reading my son stories out loud, he is engaged and hanging off each word, he even cried the other day when I was reading a very sad part of a story, because he thought I was genuinely sad. I have been given a glimpse of what can be achieved, now I have the rest of my life to play and grow expressively. Sally I would recommend you to people that are committed to growing their leadership voice. Thank you.
— Steve Wooderson, Director, Perspective International
This course exceeded my expectations. It was interactive, relevant, and very ‘real life’. I’m leaving with many new tools and skills in speaking to a varied range of audiences. Sally was engaging at all levels. She gave us her personal stories to connect with the group and made it all seem so easy and possible. I highly recommend it to my colleagues
— Wendy Jones, Entrepreneur, Sustainable Design, Building & Change Manager
I learned to share more of myself and make a more personal connection with my audience when presenting as well as new techniques which were practical and engaging in developing my confidence in speaking.
— Simon Telfer, Managing Director, Stimulus NZ
Sally, your workshop last night was fantastic. I’ve never come across such a unique approach to the psychology of public speaking before - it was like finding water in the desert! Loved the insights about being authentic to yourself and how to set yourself up mentally before you even get to the stage. All of those tips and techniques you crammed into ‘The Naked Speaker’ CD are definitely going to help my stage presence, resonance, and level of enjoyment when I’m in front of an audience. I have become a more effective speaker, communicator and leader thanks to learning from Sally to ‘own the space’, ‘step into my power’ and ‘be the REAL me’. I’ve also had the joy of watching other people in Sally’s groups step up to the mark and surprise themselves with their brilliance as she has managed to coax it out of them! There is nothing more powerful to watch. Sally is truly making a difference to people’s lives. I have seen many world-class speakers in action and Sally Mabelle is one of them. If you’re considering hiring Sally for training, keynote or facilitation, do it! It will most likely be one of the best decisions you’ve made.
— Linda McDermott, Speaker, Author, Coach, ivoiceover.co.nz
I had seen Sally speak at a recent convention and bought her ‘Naked Speaker’ CD which prompted me to come along. This was an awesome and fun workshop with serious implications. I learned that the big picture for me is being more generous [with expressing myself] when speaking.
— David Syder, Real Estate Salesman
This was a presentation course with a difference! Easy to use tools that can make massive improvement to your presentation.
— Levonne Hart, HR, Hewlett Packard NZ
The Naked Speaker is a fantastic CD, which has totally changed my view on speaking. I know that great speaking comes from within, and through listening to the CD I was able to take on a new, empowered perspective of speaking. I now feel connected to my audience and able to express what I truly want to say. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.
— Helen Harvey, Auckland Life Coach
I can now sing in ranges I never believed I could reach, listening for the subtle differentiations in the relaxation of vocal muscles and facial tensions, feeling the differences throughout the body.
— Donna Genuth
Sally has taught herself to sing with absolute freedom - she makes rich, luxurious sounds in the territory of pop musicians and resonates with bell-like clarity beyond the range of opera divas, all with no signs of strain. Her voice is not an incomprehensible gift; she understands exactly what she’s doing and she can explain it in terms people can understand. She finds unique ways to connect with each person. In class, for example, she asks a student to sing, then mimics his sound perfectly. Next, she explains where she has to create tension to sound like him. Finally, she explains how to escape from his holding pattern and demonstrates the amazing effect of doing so. People progress very rapidly when they receive such ultra-precise, individualized teaching. All this magic occurs in a light-hearted, unpretentious, supportive atmosphere with a lot of laughter. Few if any famous opera companies and elite conservatories can offer the quality of instruction which she offers right here on Kauai. Aspiring pop stars and divas need look no further.
— Donn Forbes, Business Consultant, San Francisco, CA, USA
A coach of Sally’s calibre knows just the right exercises for body-work/movement, breath and mental focus to bring the changes that get us back in touch with our potential. In a supportive environment, she demystifies the process; helps us to explore and enjoy the process of uncovering our own voices. She works with sensitivity at a pace all can share and where we co-carry the excitement for one another’s progress as well as our own.
— Gaylene Denford-Wood, Former Program Director, Teacher Education, Auckland University of Technology
Sally’s program has taught me effective ways to enhance my communication with individuals and groups of people. It helped me to understand that different people have different ways of communicating and effective communication is about understanding them, along with expressing myself in an appropriate way they can understand. These new skills have helped me to become more assertive in getting messages across and dealing with challenging situations.
— Louise Joel, Naturopath
I was asked to give a keynote speech at a conference for over 100 administration professionals recently. Even though I’ve given many internal presentations to my own staff, I felt uneasy about addressing a new group of people I didn’t know. I wanted to make my keynote memorable, impactful, and inspiring, so I hired Sally to coach me in preparing. Sally gave me helpful pointers in crafting and performing as well as boosting my confidence and giving me specific feedback in storytelling, vocal projection, and connecting with my audience. I ended up delivering a successful talk. I recommend Sally if you want to polish your presentations or become more confident in all your challenging communication situations.
— Gay Barton, General Manager, Drake NZ
My sessions with Sally provided helpful tools and resources to face my personal emotional challenges. Sally provided excellent support, encouragement, empathy, and listening. She is an excellent personal mentor/coach who is supportive, encouraging, and resourceful in helping, especially guys, with learning and understanding emotional intelligence.
— Daniel Ng, Director/ Senior Scientist, IGENZ