Do You Have a Voice of Authority?

Psychological Science Journal has recently published a pioneering study (January 2015) of what I call the 'The VOICE of LEADERSHIP'.  Dr. Sei Jin Ko, social psychology researcher at San Diego State University (SDSU), and her colleagues Drs. Melody Sadler (SDSU) and Adam Galinsky (of Columbia University), wanted to find out if people's voices change in predictable ways when they are put into powerful positions. They found that being put in a position of power can predictably change the way you speak.  When you feel more powerful,  your voice becomes more dynamic in loudness, less variable in pitch and has more intensity.  Your sense of personal power can also be perceived by listeners. This study supports the fact that you can dramatically improve your confidence, personal impact,  and influence through voice coaching.  Here is a recording of Margaret Thatcher's voice 'before' and 'after' voice coaching - and the difference in her authoritative presentation is dramatic.

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